For the measurements at OliNo we use very sophisticated measurement equipment.

For our color spectrum analysis measurements we use the very advanced Specbos 1201 color spectrometer. To ensure high quality measurements this device is calibrated every year by a recognized institute.

Specbos 1201 Color Spectrometer

The power measurements are performed using a Hameg 8115-2 powermeter together with a ISO-TECH/PROVA IPM6200 graphic power quality analyzer.

The Hameg 8115-2 Power Meter_______________________De ISO-TECH / PROVA 6200

The Lux measurements are performed using a combination of the Specbos 1201, the Voltcraft/Lutron LX1108 luxmeter and the Meterman LM631 luxmeter.

Voltcraft LX 1108 Lux meter____________Meterman LM631 luxmeter.

For the voltage and current analysis we use a high performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Bitscope BS310N.

The Bitscope BS310N oscilloscope.

We use an fully automated and computer controlled robot for all our lamp measurements called BigMamma (article explaining how the robot works). Technical details about the measurements itself can be found in the article Giving background of BigMama’s light measurements. Measurements can take up-to 12 hours per lamp.

The Computer Controlled Robot BigMama

More information about our measurement services can be found on our services page.