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Renewable Energy Book Reviews

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books1Many books about renewable energy have already been written. But what books can be advised? Here is an overview of books which are recommended by visitors of the OliNo.org website.

Here is a first set of books. I will update the list based on the tips provided by visitors of this site. So if you have read a good book about renewable energy let us know.

The party’s over

The party is over The world is about to run out of cheap oil and change dramatically. Within the next few years, global production will peak. Thereafter, even if industrial societies begin to switch to alternative energy sources, they will have less net energy each year to do all the work essential to the survival of complex societies. We are entering a new era, as different from the industrial era as the latter was from medieval times.

In “The Party’s Over,” Richard Heinberg places this momentous transition in historical context, showing how industrialism arose from the harnessing of fossil fuels, how competition to control access to oil shaped the geopolitics of the twentieth century and how contention for dwindling energy resources in the twenty-first century will lead to resource wars in the Middle East, Central Asia and South America. He describes the likely impacts of oil depletion and all of the energy alternatives. Predicting chaos unless the United States-the world’s foremost oil consumer-is willing to join with other countries to implement a global program of resource conservation and sharing, he also recommends a “managed collapse” that might make way for a slower-paced, low-energy, sustainable society in the future.

More readable than other accounts of this issue, with fuller discussion of the context, social implications and recommendations for personal, community, national and global action, Heinberg’s updated book is a riveting wake-up call for human-kind as the oil era winds down, and a critical tool for understanding and influencing current US foreign policy.

Author Richard Heinberg
Language Engels
Tipped by Andre Hospers
Date 15-7-2009
Available Amazon.com

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air

cover300 We have an addiction to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable. The devel-
oped world gets 80% of its energy from fossil fuels; Britain, 90%. And
this is unsustainable for three reasons. First, easily-accessible fossil fu-
els will at some point run out, so we’ll eventually have to get our energy
from someplace else. Second, burning fossil fuels is having a measurable
and very-probably dangerous effect on the climate. Avoiding dangerous
climate change motivates an immediate change from our current use of
fossil fuels. Third, even if we don’t care about climate change, a drastic
reduction in Britain’s fossil fuel consumption would seem a wise move if
we care about security of supply: continued rapid use of the North Sea Photo by Terry Cavner.
oil and gas reserves will otherwise soon force fossil-addicted Britain to de-
pend on imports from untrustworthy foreigners. (I hope you can hear my
tongue in my cheek.)
How can we get off our fossil fuel addiction?
Author DavidJCMacKay
Languag Engels
Tipped by Andre Hospers
Date 15 juli 2009
Reviews Review Science
Available www.withouthotair.com

The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World

necessary1 At this moment I am reading Peter Senge’s latest book: ‘The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World’. I am somewhere halfway and getting more inspired each page. Peter Senge completely puts sustainability in a new perspective. The traditional idea of sustainability meaning the need to change our current economic activities in such way that it causes less environmental pressure in order to give nature a chance, is no longer sufficient. According to Senge developing economic activities and the environmental wellbeing of our world, should not be considered anymore as two opposite goals from which we need to choose. He even puts their relation in the opposite direction, that is: nature is not depending on us whether or not we give nature a chance, no, we are depending on nature whether or not nature gives us a chance. We need to treat nature in such way that it keeps giving us the opportunity to maintain and develop our economic activities.
Author Peter Senge
Language Engels
Tipped by Arjan de Vries
Date 10 juli 2009
Reviews Not yet available
Available Amazon.com

The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience

transitionhandbookcover We live in an oil-dependent world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time, using vast reserves of oil in the process – without planning for when the supply is not so plentiful. Most of us avoid thinking about what happens when oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but The Transition Handbook shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive outcome. These changes can lead to the rebirth of local communities, which will grow more of their own food, generate their own power, and build their own houses using local materials. They can also encourage the development of local currencies, to keep money in the local area.
Author Rob Hopkins
Language English
Tipped by Inge Kouw
Date 1 July 2009
Reviews Not yet available
Available Transitionculture

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    We live in an oil-dependent world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time, using vast reserves of oil in the process – without planning for when the supply is not so plentiful

  3. maruthi Says:

    ever green energy is solar energy so we need to get the technical information about solar cells its basics ,working princples, its economy so that every one can get the awareness about that so like that books we r searching

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    If you’re looking for Renewable Energy Book Reviews, then this website may be the place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best books available on renewable energy topics, which is one of the most informative resources on the Internet.

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