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Importing lots of hydrogen over vast distances

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Thread for those who think we’re going to be importing lots of hydrogen over vast distances.
Shipping liquid hydrogen is not going to be a thing. To understand why, you need to understand that hydrogen is basically liquid, -253C escapey, explodey expanded polystyrene. Read more…

Realtime electricity production in Europe

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Europe energy productionYou can find in this article many links to the real-time production of electricity in country’s all over Europe. Every link contains a lot of information about prices and the kind of production of electricity.
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Charge Efficiency Capacitor

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This article explains how charging a capacitor can use a lot of energy, and how your charging method has a big influence on its efficiency. It becomes more important when considering the possible super capacitors that I spoke of in the article Has the supercapacitor been invented?

plaatje van V en R en C in serie
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Electricity Storage in The Netherlands

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Is it available? Or can it be created? The Dutch program “Nieuwe Energie Onderzoek” of Senternovem gave the Utrecht Center for Energy Research the task to find out. Their final report researches whether electricity storage can be of support for a durable energy generation. Considered are three applicational areas:

  1. grid coupled storage systems
  2. autonomous storage systems
  3. electricity storage in transport media

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Has the supercapacitor been invented?

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A company in Austin (Texas), named EEStor, will soon have developed a super capacitor that is close to production. This super capacitor with a weight of 180 kg (396 lbs) and would be able to store 52 kWh of energy. This energy is usable for many purposes: for example, electric automobiles, but also to be used to store and release on command the fluctuating energy coming from wind turbines or PV solar cells. This latter would improve the availability of solar-energy, wind-energy and other intermittent sources of energy on demand, which will increase the usefulness of these sources enormously. It could then lead to a situation where we do not need fossil fuels anymore for our energy production.
Plaatje van supercondensator
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