Lamp Measurements

To get more clarity and transparency in the lighting market OliNo has been conducting since 2007
independent measurements of all kinds of light bulbs. More and more companies are aware of these
services . As a result we see the number lamps offered for measurement rise sharply annually. We now have more than 1300 published measurements in our database.

Growth of published lamp measurements

Measurement Reports, complete and in Depth

For each measurement, a very detailed and comprehensive measurement report is created . The target group for the measurement reports are suppliers, manufacturers, lighting engineers and architects (Eulumdat files).
We often hear from our customers that the OliNo measurement reports are “best in class” in the light market .

Summary of a Measurement Report

Here is an example of a full measurements report.

However, the measurement reports are too technical for the average consumer . The consumer is
looking for an energy saving light source to replace its existing lamp(s) and wants to be guided
without having to read various technical reports. That is why we have built the OliNo Retrofit advice wizard.

Honest and independent advice to consumers

With the OliNo Retrofit Advice wizard, consumers (individuals and companies) can easily find an energy saving replacement lamp.

The OliNo Retrofit Advice wizard

In a few steps with simpel questions, consumers are guided to replacement lamps which will fit their
requirements. After having found some good candidates, consumers can click to the website of the

An example advice after a few simple steps


There are many comparison websites on the Internet for lamps. However, the OliNo Retrofit Advice wizard is unique because we compare only lamps that are actually measured by ourselfs. This gives you as a consumer a fair and independent advice. You as a consumer can finally compare apples to apples.


The advice we give about lamps is purely based on our own professional lamp measurements. As a consumer, you can indicate what the desired properties must be of the lamp, and we find in the database which measured lamps match. In the search results, we show the lamps found sorted by efficiency. The most efficient lamps, expressed in lumens / watt, are at the top. We do this because efficient bulbs are more economical and produce less heat. This is good for the lamp life.

Complete Overview

For the professionals we also have the complete overview of all published measurements.

Complete Overview of all Published Measurements

By using simple filters, you can easily find matching lamps and the corresponding measurement reports.

Find matching lamps using simple filters


The independence of OliNo is for us (and for the sustainable community) of great value. We make sure that the OliNo Lamp Advice website has no impact on our independence.

Showing / Not Showing of sale information or advertisements by suppliers has no influence on the results of measurements lamps, retrofit advice, product reviews and substantive articles.

We remain critical, objective and independent in providing information on our website. This is what the sustainable community expects from us.


Access to the OliNo Retrofit Advice wizard and the Complete Overview can be found on the OliNo Lamp Portal:

Tips and suggestions

We are continuous improving the OliNo Lamp Portal. Do you have any tips or suggestions how we can improve the OliNo Lamp Portal website further, please let us know via our contact form.