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  • Due to computer communication problems with our third-party provider, Bitcoin payments temporary no longer work.
  • Low prices for eulumdat only and complete private measurements.
  • Note: the blue light hazard in the complete measurement is only a calculated result of the true luminance at the distance of 500 lux, only straight underneath the lamp. The actual blue light hazard can be lower as the viewing angle of the relevant measurement angle can be bigger than the actual size of the relevant light emitting area. As of Aug 2017, blue light hazard measurements can be made with help of specific measurement tools.

Straight to costs overview.

Professional Lamp Measurements

Do you want to have a professional lamp measurement of your new energy saving lamps? OliNo offers this services for suppliers and manufactures.

With these measurements you and the whole community get insight in the real performance of these lamps; there is often a difference between the real performance and the specifications of the manufacturer, or the performance is not known yet for new lamps, or are not given by the manufacturer.

In the end, the customer is better served with real and complete specifications and measurement results and is able to make a better choice. It prevents unhappy customers complaining about the performance of the product and sending it back.

For LED and Compact Fluorescent Lamps it is important to inform people about the real performance, otherwise you run the risk that these lamps all get a bad image, while in fact only a small number of these lamps do not perform as promised. A bad image will hinder market growth.

We get more and more requests from different companies. This is your chance to get professional and objective measurement results of your energy saving lamps together with a lot of free publicity from our popular renewable energy site.

Measurement Equipment

For the measurements at OliNo, use very sophisticated measurement equipment. More information can be found on our measurement equipment page.

Color spectro meter with UV option

For our light measurements we use an computer controlled automated robot called BigMama.

The Computer Controlled Automated Robot BigMama

Own risk

The measurement of your lamps is at your own risk. Of course we will handle the lamps with utmost care so that lamps will normally survive the testing.

Promotion Measurement

When you choose for a promotion measurement the measurement report will be published on the OliNo website with a link to your own website. The corresponding lamp will also be promoted on the Lamp Portal with a link to your website and optional the price. For the promotion of lamps you need to have a promotion subscription. The promotion measurement will give you a discount (up to 50%) for each lamp measurement.


Click here for more information on the promotion of lamps.

Confidential Measurement

When you choose for a confidential measurement the measurement data stays confidential and will not be public on the OliNo website. This is ideal for prototype development of test lamps.

Endurance test

In order to know whether your lamp will survive the high number of hours, and also to get a good view on the color consistency, you can choose to endurance test your lamp. See this article for more information on how it is done.


When there are some ambiguities about the measurement results or when there is a difference between your own measurement results we are always open for discussion.

Eulumdat File

Included with each lamp measurement there is an eulumdat file. This eulumdat file will be added to the online measurement report where you and potential customers can download this. The eulumdat file contains light technical data which is needed for professional lighting calculation programs like Dialux / Relux. These applications are used by architects for light planning, calculations and visualizations. Offering these eulumdat files for them will increase the chance that new buildings will be using your newest energy saving lights. We do not charge for an eulumdat file, it is included in the measurement.

IES File

Optionally we can also create an IES file based on the lamp measurement data (price 10 euro). IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric data over the web. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution. An IES file is basically the measurement of distribution of light (intensity) stored in ASCII format. You can think of it as a digital profile of a real world light. In 3d software like 3ds max it can be used for creating lights with shapes and physically accurate form.

Dimmable Lamps

When a supplier or manufacture indicates that the lamp is dimmable we will measure this. We will use a dimmer which uses phase proportioning. The dimmer is computer controlled and simulates physical turning positions of normal wall dimmer. In each dimmer position we will measure the amount of light (Luminous flux), the power usage (Watt), the color temperature (K) and the efficiency of the lamp and show this as percentage of the undimmed lamp. The results will be shown in a clear graph. For measuring the dim function of a lamp we charge 25 euro.

Extensive dimmable tests

Higher accuracy

For a normal lamp measurement the robot will make inclination angle steps of 2.5 degrees and turn angle steps of 15 degrees. This already yields 900 measurement points.

For street lights it can be important to have more data such that a better calculation of the light distribution can be done. In this case you can choose to have a measurement with 3x more measurement points, using a turn angle of 5 degrees.

Re-calculation of eulumdat files

Once a measurement has been done we have the eulumdat file. It is possible to re-calculate a new eulumdat file for you defining an angle and a change in light emitting surface.

Example: one panel has been measured of 60 x 60 cm. The eulumdat file is available. Now the customer wants to see the results when dividing this panel in two parts and putting these in an angle of 15 degrees towards each other, such that they form a roof when looked it it from the side. The resulting eulumdat file can be approximated by using our recalculation service.

See in the example a light distribution pattern of the lamp: leftthe original and right the pattern when turned 90 degrees and then inclined 10 degrees.

Costs Services and discount of 10 %

As an additional service, we offer a 10% discount if the invoice is paid with Bitcoin. During a Bitcoin payment the 10% discount is automatically discounted in the Bitcoin price and a credit note with the 10% discount is sent. Please note, we will ONLY start with activity (or the agreed period starts) AFTER we have received the payment (and the lamps).

Due to computer communication problems with our third-party provider, Bitcoin payments temporary no longer work.

More information about Bitcoin


Service (prices for single measurements. If more at once, ask for prices) Price
Full promotion measurement incl Eulumdat. Delivery of link towards the measurement results within 1 week (note this requires an subscription). € 150 – 200 */**
Eulumdat only. Delivery within 1 week. € 150 – 200 **
Confidential Full Measurement incl Eulumdat – Fast Track. Delivery of link towards the measurement results within 1 week. € 200 – 250 **
Extra Options
Dim-ability test. € 25
Sending back lamps. Handling fee 15 euros per package to be sent back. Plus the shipping costs. tbd
Option: PDF report in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German € 12.5 per language
Option: UGR table in PDF format € 10
Endurance testing (6000hr, ASSIST) starting from € 400
Determination LORL of luminaire on request
Single measurements (Flicker OR InfraRed OR PF+U+I+Harmonics) € 25
Single measurements (CCT+CRI+ x + y) € 40
Recalculate Eulumdat files € 40 (or € 20 from 3 or more)
Convert Eulumdat IES € 10
Create EU Energy labels from delivered eulumdat file € 10 / minimum 4 sets
Blue light hazard analysis plus report € 75/piece and € 50/piece from 3

* Only in combination with promotion subscription
** Depends on setup time and number of measurement points


Measurement Request

  • Contact us by clicking on Measurement Request button
  • Indicate how many and which lamps (type) you want to have measured
  • Add your company contact information (when in UE also the VAT number)
  • Specify the full name of each lamp you want to have in the articles
  • Indicate that you agree with our terms described on this page
  • Wait for us to give a go (based on our current capacity and lamp type), we will send the invoice
  • Pay the invoice and ship the lamps to us

Lamp Shipments

You can ship the lamps to the following address:

OliNo Labs
De Koolhof 8
5502 RH  Veldhoven
The Netherlands

Tested by OliNo

As soon as a lamp has been tested by OliNo then you, the company that has paid for the measurement to OliNo, can use the “Tested by OliNo” logo on your packages and or website. Your customers can verify that this lamp has been measured by checking on the OliNo site. If the measurement is kept private then you can provide the private link to your customers that ask for it.

This shows to all that the lamps have been measured by an independent company.

Independence of OliNo

OliNo’s independence is crucial for us and for a long term durable community. We ensure that advertisements on OliNo has no influence on our independence, nor our lamp measurements, articles of services. Everyone who offers endurable services can advertise on OliNo.


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