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LED-rail “Trettioen” from IKEA

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For some time, the Swedish company Ikea has also some LED-lights in it’s shelfs. I bought mine and installed them as decorative lighting elements underneath a bar. Here’s the story…..

Since 2006, I have owned a small house, where my kitchen is installed in an L-shaped design. As I found out, the dividing wall between kitchen and livingroom was during the evening quite dark.

Originally I thought about mounting a fluorescent light underneath the wooden bar, but it was not possible to hide the lightbulb. Therefore I had some requirements to be met:

  • Simple to install;
  • Easy to hide out of sight;
  • Energy-efficient;

During the shopping-session I found these “Trettioen” LED-lights at an Ikea-shopping centre. It consists of 4 elements, so you can also decorate photo’s, paintings etc. with it!

The LED-rail is approx. 1 meter in length when all 4 seperate rails are linked together.

This rail claims to use only 1,7 Watt on your electricity bill, but it is available in several different colors : white, blue, red, green (and in 2008 I discovered this same rail with changing color-mode Leds…)

I can not recall the exact price (back in 2006), but it was around EUR 39 for one complete rail (4 small rails, including powersuppy etc.)

6 Responses to “LED-rail “Trettioen” from IKEA”

  1. Alain Says:

    I just went to IKEA but the don’t seel the LED light strip anymore!!! at least the TRETTIOEN at $19. canadian!
    now they sell similar light strip almost the same for $79. canadian!!! what a rip off!
    is there a direct link to the compagny making these light for IKEA?

  2. Niels Thijssen Says:

    I verified at Ikea’s website, they renamed this product to “DIODER”, price EUR 50,=


  3. René Prins Says:

    The dioder is still for sale at Ikea.
    The coloured version is €49.50 and the white version is €29.50. The coloured version can be locked to one permanent colour (not white) or be roulated in 7 different colours.
    This I’ve got from the above mentioned homepage

  4. Niels Thijssen Says:

    @Rene: that’s correct, the development as still going on at Ikea’s 😉
    Now you can use the DIODER to show different colors.
    Back in 2006 (when I wrote this article) only white was available.

  5. Ciro Pizarro Says:

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  6. Menno Rottenberg Says:

    As long as Ikea does not/never submits who’s the LED Chip manufacturer the will keep on pumping C or D quality lighting in our industry.
    Creating bad image and overall their quality is bad to over any limit.
    I’m Lighting since 1981 and LED since 17 years, know a bit about LED.

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