Suppliers with a promotion model receive a personal login account for the supplier portal. Login is via a secure HTTPS connection.

The supplier can log in with a personal login account

Automatic Links and Prices

If you have chosen for a subscription model you do not need to fill any link. The link of your website will be automatically linked to all your promotion lamps.

If you have chosen for a Pay Per Click or Affiliated (Pay Per Sale) model, all prices and deep links will be automatically retrieved from your own webshop. This is done through a so-called product feed. For the most popular webshop software (such as Magento and Joembla) there are standard plugins available. Once you have a working product feed, we will retrieve them every night and prices and deep links will be automatically updated to the Lamp Portal.

Links and Prices manually entered

If you temporarily do not have a product feed, it is still possible to manually enter the price and deep link for each lamp.

A supplier can optionally also enter the sales information himself


Measurement is the key to knowledge, and that of course also applies with respect to the popularity of lamps on our website. On the Lamp Portal we keep track of precisely how often your lamps are shown in search results and how often it is actually clicked on your own lamps. As a supplier, you can consult these statistics.

Popularity list of lamps on the supplier portal


It is also possible to retrieve the statistics of the past few months and see what the trend is in the number of impressions and clicks. This is very valuable marketing information.

Example of a real statistics report

Statistics Reports by Email

If you have an account on the supplier portal, you will receive automatically every month a summary of the statistics of the past month by email.

Multiple Accounts

It is possible to request more personal login accounts for other employees. There are no extra charges for that.