AdverterenRecently it has become possible to promote sustainable products or services through advertisements on the OliNo website. We offer a range options, from short-term advertising campaigns with high priority to low-cost long-running campaigns through affiliate networks. This makes it possible for everybody to advertise on, for both small and large businesses. We offer the following ad models.

  • Specials
  • Pageviews
  • Affiliate networks
  • Google Adwords


With specials it is possible to show your ad on specific pages, during a certain period with the highest priority. The number of impressions within agreed period will always be achieved. This is ideal for short-term campaigns that you want to quickly reach many people within a certain target group. Price on request.


For longer campaigns, it is interesting to use Pageviews. This makes it also possible to advertise in a specific ad group that fits your own product or service. The cost of the advertisement is expressed in euro / CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). Again, you get the guarantee that the agreed number of impressions is met within the agreed period. However, when there are a lot of advertisers, you may need to choose a longer advertising period to achieve the number of required impressions. We can accurately predict the number of expected pageviews available for a certain period, so there will be no surprises. The minimum advertising budget is 100 euros.

Lower rates

From 1 June 2015, we decided to reduce our advertising rates sharply in price. It is now even more attractive to advertise on For only 100 euros you can have 10,000 targeted ads. That’s 10 CPM, or 50% cheaper than the market for online advertising.

Ad Groups

To ensure that your ad is only displayed on pages witch match the target group of your product or service, you can choose one or more ad groups where the ad should be displayed. The website the following ad groups available:

Ad group Pages Cost (Euro/CPM)
Main Page Home 10 euro
Sustainable Transport Overview of electric cars 10 euro
Articles on Sustainable Transport
Lamps Retrofit Advice Wizard 10 euro
Complete Overview
Measurement Reports
Energy Saving Articles on Energy Saving 10 euro
Wind Energy Articles on Wind Energy 10 euro
Solar Energy Articles on Solar Energy 10 euro
General All ad groups with the exception of the groups Main Page and Lamps 10 euro

Example: You want 30.000 ad impressions over a period of two months in the ad group Solar Energy. This costs 30 x 10 euro = 300 euro.

Affiliate networks

It is also possible to advertise through affiliate marketing. This means that you can have on ads running on linking linking to your own web shop. You only pay a small percentage when the product sold or service sold to a new customer which visited you webshop via an affiliated ad on In short: “No Cure No Pay”. More information can be found on the page Affiliate marketing (Dutch).

Google Ad Words

Furthermore, it is possible to use Google Adwords to place ads on the OliNo website. The advantage is that you only pay per click, the downside is that you can not control how often and when your ad is displayed. You can target the OliNo website using the Google Display Planner in Adwords.

Target the OliNo website using the Google Display Planner


ad-prioritySpecials are given the highest priority when showing ads. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a guaranteed number of ad impressions in a short period of time. Pageviews has the second highest priority, and here you also get a guaranteed number of impressions. Ideal for longer term advertising. The remaining ad space is spread over the affiliated networks. The advantage of affiliated networks is that you only have advertisement costs when you actually sell something. Showing the ads is completely free of charge. The downside is that you have no influence on the number of ads that will be displayed. The remaining portion of the advertising space goes to Google Adwords. Again, you have no control over how often your ad is shown.

Your Ad

The location of your ad: top-right in the side menu. The dimensions of the ad area is 336×280 pixels (large rectangle). The ad itself can be submitted in jpg, png or flash format. In the flash, it is important that the clickTAG is correct implemented. Ook ondersteunen we de mogelijkheid om rechtstreeks de advertenties te tonen uit uw eigen advertisement systeem middels third party tags. We also support the ability to direct the ads to show off your own advertisement system using third party tags.

Start Now

For each new advertiser Specials or Pageviews, we offer 1000 free ad impressions. Are you interested in advertising on, please use our Contact Form

Independence of OliNo

The independence of OliNo is for us (and for the sustainable community) of great value. We make sure that the advertising on OliNo the website has no impact on our independence. Anyone who want to promote their sustainable products or services can advertise on OliNo. Advertising a product or service on OliNo has no influence on the results of measurements lamps, retrofit advice, product reviews and substantive articles.

We remain critical, objective and independent in providing information on our website. This is what the sustainable community expects from us.