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Overview of electric cars

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The newest generation of electric cars is a good match for the current generation of gas and/or diesel powered cars. The development is fast. With newest generation of Lio-Ion batteries and powerful electric motors these cars can be used for daily people and goods transports, have enough range and are faster than their fossil powered brothers. Therefore I have decided to create (and maintain) an overview of these new generation of electric cars.



In this overview I will maintain a list of interesting electric cars of the newest generation.

The car has to meet the following requirements:

  • The range of the car has to be minimal 50 miles (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) / 90 miles (highway car).
  • Available on the market within three years.

I need your help to get this list complete and up to date.

If you encounter some interesting developments or when you have the missing data which is not yet in the table submit this information as a comment on this article. I will use this data to get the list up-to-date.

Here is my first list. If you have any tips for improvements please let me know.

If you want to write a full article about any electric car then check our contribute section for more information how to proceed. When finished I will publish the article and link it from this list.

Last update: 1 September 2010

Electric cars with a corresponding review article are marked with an information symbool. Clicking on the corresponding link will bring you to the review article.

Keep a good eye on the this list, it will be update regulary. New review articles will also be published on the home page of OliNo.


Photo Brand/Type Consumption Range Power Topspeed Prod. yr Price
Reva NXR 140 Wh/mile 100 miles 25 kW 65 mph 2010 €14,995 (excl.batt.)
Reva NXG ? Wh/mile 125 miles ? kW 80 mph 2010 €23,000 (excl.batt.)
Nissan Leaf Nissan LEAF 240 Wh/mile 100 miles 80 kW 90 mph 2011 $25,280

Below is the overview of electric cars divided four sections: sport cars, highway cars, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and promising prototypes.

Sport cars

These are the fastest electric cars now available. Most of these cars are way faster than their fossil counterpart. Unlike gasoline roaring sport cars, these electric sport cars are still very efficient. A very powerful electric motor can also be used for economical driving. Currently there are very few gasoline powered cars which can match the performance of these new electric sport cars. They have electric engines of more than 150 kW (> 200 HP) and can accelerate to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The fastest one can do this in less than 3 seconds. These cars put down a clear statement: fossil driving is the past. Electric power is the future.

Photo Brand/Type Consumption Range Power Topspeed Prod. Yr Price
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-tesla-100px.jpg Tesla
176 Wh/mile 250 mile 185 kW 125 mph 2008 $98,000
Lightning ? Wh/mile 180 mile 480 kW > 130 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-venturi-100px.jpg Venturi 179 Wh/mile/td>

156 mile 180 kW 100 mph 2008 €297,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-zap-x-100px.jpg Zap-X ? Wh/mile 350 mile 480 kW 155 mph 2010 $60,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-obvio-828e-100px.jpg Obvio
? Wh/mile 240 mile 120 kW 120 mph 2009 $49,000

Highway cars

These are electric cars which can travel in the city and on the highway and can completely replace the fossil burning car. These cars have a range of at least 95 miles and have a top-speed which is high enough (> 63 mph) for driving the highway. Keep in mind that there are already systems which can charge these batteries within 15 minutes. As soon as these “electric fuel-stations” become available a long car trip is also possible.

Photo Brand/Type Consumption Range Power Top-speed Prod. yr Price
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-aptera-type-1e-100px.jpg Aptera Type-1e 124 Wh/mile 121 mile 19 kW 85 mph 2008 $26,900
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-mitsubishi-miev-sport-100px.jpg Mitsubishi
i MiEV
160 Wh/mile 100 mile 47 kW 113 mph 2009 ?
95 Wh/mile 125 mile 20 kW 106 mph 2010 €30,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-silence-pt2-100px.jpg Silence-PT2 ? Wh/mile 250 mile 100 kW 125 mph 2008 $42,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-miles-xs500-100px.jpg Miles
? 120 mile ? kW 80 mph 2008 $29,500
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-think-100px.jpg Think 251 Wh/mile 113 mile 30 kW 63 mph 2009 €20,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-ebox-100px.jpg eBox 234 Wh/mile 150 mile 120 kW 95 mph 2008 $68,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-phoenix-sut-100px.jpg Phoenix
349 Wh/mile 100 mile ? kW 95 mph 2008 $45,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-ventureone-100px.jpg Venture Vehicles
VentureOne EV
? Wh/mile 120 mile 40 kW 75 mph 2009 $25,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-spyder-100px.jpg UEV
Electrum Spyder
? Wh/mile 250 mile ? kW 100 mph 2008 $70,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-bollore-100px.jpg Bolloré 179 Wh/mile 156 mile 30 kW 78 mph ? €20,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-tango-100px.jpg Commuter Cars
? Wh/mile 160 mile 52,5 kW 150 mph ? $108,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-smart-fortwo-ev-100px.jpg Smart
Fortwo EV
192 Wh/mile 72 mile 30 kW 70 mph 2010 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-mini-cooper-ev-100px.jpg Hybrid Technologies
Mini Cooper EV
? Wh/mile 70 mile ? kW 80 mph 2008 $65,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-maya100-100px.jpg ElectroVaya
Maya 100
? Wh/mile 225 mile ? kw 88 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-subaru-r1e-100px.jpg Subaru
? Wh/mile 50 mile 40,3 kW 63 mph 2010 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-cleanova-II-100px.jpg Cleanova II 240 Wh/mile 125 mile ? kW 81 mph 2008 $10,0001
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-doblo-electric-100px.jpg Doblo Electric 459 Wh/mile 94 mile 60 kW 75 mph 2008 £29,500
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-mdi-minicat-100px.jpg MDI
157 Wh/mile3 94 mile 18,6 kW 69 mph 2008 €4,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-ariana-792-100px.jpg Ariana 792 ? Wh/mile 94 mile 28 kW 75 mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-attrd-parade-100px.jpg Att Parade ? Wh/mile 150 mile ? kW 69 mph ? $20,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-e-mobile-100px.jpg E-mobile ? Wh/mile 125 mile 18 kW 75 mph 2008 €18,900
Golf Golf CityStromer 400 Wh/mile 44 mile 17,5 kW 63 mph 1992 €12,000
Green Vehicles
230 Wh/mile 100 mile 20 kW 80 mph 2008 $19,995
Tara Tiny 160 Wh/mile 75 mile 3 kW 44 mph 2008 $2,500
Lumeneo Smera 106 Wh/mile 94 mile 29,8 kW 81 mph ? ?
Lotus Elise ECE 181 Wh/mile 203 mile 150 kW 134 mph 2008 €108,750
VW Golf ECE 168 Wh/mile 219 mile 75 kW 91 mph 2008 €60,000
Detroit Electric
Subcompact ECE
138 Wh/mile 188 mile 30 kW 91 mph Q4 2009 €22,491
(Fiat 500)
? Wh/mile 75 mile ? kW 60 mph 2008 ?
Renault Megane EV ? Wh/mile 125 mile ? kW ? mph 2011 ?
BYD F3e 192 Wh/mile 188 mile ? kW 94 mph ? ?
berlingo-electric Citroën Berlingo Electrique 270 Wh/mile 60 km 28 kW 60 mph 20054 ?
citroen_saxo_electric Citroën Saxo Electric 230 Wh/km 63 mile 15 kW 57 mph 19984 ?
honda-acura-luxury-electric Luxury Electric Honda Acura ? Wh/mile 140 mile ? kW ? mph 2008 ?
citroen-c1-electric-2 Citroen EV’ie 232 Wh/mile 69 miles 30 kW 60 mph 2009 £16,850
c-zero-1 Citroën C-Zero 200 Wh/mile 69 miles 47 kW 80 mph 4th quarter 2010 €29,550
Nissan Leaf Nissan LEAF 240 Wh/mile 100 miles 80 kW 90 mph 2011 $25,280
Reva NXR 140 Wh/mile 100 miles 25 kW 65 mph 2010 €14,995 (excl.batt.)
Reva NXG ? Wh/mile 125 miles ? kW 80 mph 2010 €23,000 (excl.batt.)

1 Price is for the conversion on top of the price of the car itself.

2 The car uses compressed air to drive on. By plugging in the car in the electric grid the car can fill its own air-tank.

3 Calculated on 4 hours charging, 230 V on 16 Amp = 14720 Wh / 94 mile = 157 Wh/mile

4Not in production anymore.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)

These are speed limited battery electric vehicles which are perfect for driving in the city. NEV is a Federally-approved street-legal vehicle classification which came into existence in 1998 under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 500 (FMVSS 500). (The vehicle classification is referred to as “low-speed vehicle” within Federal regulations.) NEVs are defined as a four-wheeled motor vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 3,000 pounds and a top speed of between 20 to 25 mph. [3] Those states that authorize NEVs generally restrict their operation to streets with a maximum speed limit of 35 miles per hour (56 km/h) or 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). They have typically less range then their highway car counterpart. The cars are small and therefore easy to park in the city. The cost price and their power consumption is less compared with a highway car.

Photo Brand/Type Consumption Range Powerrmogen Top-speed Prod. yr Price
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-cityel-100px.jpg CityEl 96 Wh/mile 56 mile 2,5 kW 39 mph 1987 €8,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-twike-100px.jpg Twike 64 Wh/mile 125 3 kW 53 mph 1986 €20,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-reva-100px.jpg Reva
192 Wh/mile 50 mile 13 kW 50 mph 2001 $13,600
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-zenn-100px.jpg Zenn ? Wh/mile 35 mile ? kW 25 mph 2006 $12,750
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-nmg-100px.jpg Myers Motors
? Wh/mile 30 mile 22,4 kW 76 mph 2005 $36,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-aerorider-100px.jpg Aerorider 16 Wh/mile 50 mile 0,6 kW 28 mph 2008 €7,500
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-zap-xebra-sedan-100px.jpg Zap
Xebra sedan
? Wh/mile 25 mile ? kW 41 mph 2006 $11,200
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-dynasty-sedan-100px.jpg Dynasty
142 Wh/mile 31 mile ? kW 24 mph 2005 $19,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-kurrent-100px.jpg Kurrent ? Wh/mile 40 mile 4,1 kW 35 mph 2007 $9,800
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-elettrica-100px.jpg Elettrica ? Wh/mile 70 mile ? kW 45 mph 2007 £12,750
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-nev-100px.jpg ElectroVaya
? Wh/mile 75 mile ? kW 25 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-buddy-100px.jpg Elbil Norge
Kewet Buddy
160 Wh/mile 94 mile 13 kW 56 mph 1998 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-ydea-100px.jpg Ydea 128 Wh/mile 125 mile 4 kW 38 mph 2007 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-mega-city-100px.jpg Mega City 186 Wh/mile 40 mile 4 kW 40 mph 2008 £10,847
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-helecktra-100px.jpg Town Life
160 Wh/mile 44 mile 4 kW 28 mph 2008 €11,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-little-angel-001-100px.jpg LITTLE ANGEL 001
115 Wh/mile 75 mile 2,2 kW 28 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-maranello4cycle-100px.jpg SCE
? Wh/mile 63 mile 4 kW 28 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-mycar-100px.jpg MyCar ? Wh/mile 75 mile 4 kW 50 mph 2008 €6,500
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-eagle-g-car-100px.jpg Eagle G-car ? Wh/mile 50 mile ? kW 38 mph 2008 $3,300
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-flybo6000zk-100px.jpg XFD-6000ZK
178 Wh/mile 81 mile 6,5 kW 34 mph 2008 $10,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-sam-100px.jpg Sam
80 Wh/mile 44 mile 15 kW 53 mph 2008 €6,600
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-buge-100px.jpg BugE 50 Wh/mile 30 mile 2,24 kW 50 mph 2008 $4,827
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-go-one-3-100px.jpg go-one3 21 Wh/mile 63 mile 1,5 kW 25 mph 2008 ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-maya300-100px.jpg ElectroVaya
Maya 300
? Wh/mile 120 mile ? kW 35 mph ? ?
Green Vehicles
? Wh/mile 60 mile 6,5 kW 35 mph 2008 $12,995
Green Vehicles
? Wh/mile 60 mile 6,5 kW 35 mph 2008 $11,995
Lux 200 Dilixi ? Wh/mile 63 mile 5 kW 28 mph ? ?
? Wh/mile 60 mile ? kW 40 mph 2008 £8,995
? Wh/mile 40 mile ? kW 55 mph 2008 £14,000
Sunmotor Coupe DX ? Wh/mile 156 mile ? kW 44 mph 2008 ?
Venturi Eclectric 256 Wh/mile 31 mile 11 kW 31 mph 2007 €24,000


Promising prototypes which can really drive (no mockups). Either developed by enthusiastic pioneers or first tests of existing car manufacturers. There is a change that these make it to commercial production.

Photo Brand/Type Consumption Range Power Top-speed Prod. yr Price
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-dodge-zeo-100px.jpg Dodge Zeo 256 Wh/mile 250 mile 200 kW 130 mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-wrightspeed-x1-100px.jpg Wrightspeed
200 Wh/mile 100 mile 176 kW 112 mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-eliica-100px.jpg Eliica 275/248 Wh/mile 200/125 mile 480 kW 119/250 mph ? $255,000
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-subaru-g4e-100px.jpg Subaru
? Wh/mile 125 mile 65 kW ? mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-trev-100px.jpg Trev 59 Wh/mile 94 mile 25 kW 75 mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-thinkox-100px.jpg Think Ox ? Wh/mile 125 mile ? kW 85 mph ? ?
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-zap-alias-electric-car-100px.jpg Zap Alias ? Wh/mile 101 mile 240 kW 157 mph 2009 $32,500
/wp-content/uploads/2008/articles/overzicht-elektrische-autos-nisan-mixim-100px.jpg Nissan Mixim ? Wh/mile 150 mile 100 kW 112 mph ? ?
Fiat Phylla 152 Wh/mile 138 mile 27 kW 81 mph ? ?
Venturi Astrolab 102 Wh/mile 69 mile 16 kW 75 mph ? ?

I did my best to create an accurate list based on the information found on the internet. Despite this the information can have inaccuracies. If you find some please let me know, I will update this list.
If you have more (up-to-date) information add a comment to this article with the information. I will use this to keep the list up-to-date.

I need your help to keep this list interesting and up-to-date. Just add a comment if you have more information or want to give your personal opinion.

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119 Responses to “Overview of electric cars”

  1. Markus Fors Says:

    Jeroen, a really great list! How many times havn’t I wondered about all the plug-ins out there on the market or soon to be out there.

    If you’ve got facebook and want to know more about Th!nk there’s a page called “The Think-Tank”. If you got questions you can always try to ask them there and I’m sure you’ll find someone to answer you.

    Best regards and thanks for this great piece of work. I will bookmark this one.


  2. Jeroen van Agt Says:


    Thanks for your kind remark and interesting link to the Think Tank.

    If you have new information about the Th!nk (or any other electric car), feel free to post a comment.

  3. marc cesare Says:

    I see you have a number of three wheel vehicles in your NEV section. I believe these vehicles are actually classified as motorcycles. I know the ZAP is. This allows them to operate at higher speeds then NEVs/LSVs without having to meet the same safety standards since they are not technically NEVs/LSVs but are designed to operate as “neighborhood” vehicles.

  4. Jeroen van Agt Says:


    Good remark.

    See the NEV section as a list of cars beter suited for the City and not suited for the highway because of their lower topspeed and less range.

  5. Jeroen Haringman Says:

    I do not agree with the inclusion of the Twike in the NEV section. It may not be a motorway car (one can wonder if, in a truly sustainable world, a concept like ‘motorway’ can exist) but is is certainly NOT a neighbourhood vehicle. I have driven it and with its maximum speed of 85 km/h (55 mph) it’s very well suited for the secondary roads. Some enterprising Twike-pilots even do drive on the motorway.

    In most European countries it is classified as a motor car, not a motorcycle, despite its three wheels.

    Some people make very long journeys with their Twike, such as this Norwegian: http://www.sykkel.de/twike, made possible by the new li-ion batteries. Unlike a large number of vehicles in the list, the Twike can actually be bought today.

    So in my opinion this is perfectly usable vehicle, certainly not limited to neighbourhood use. I am seriously considering buying one.

    Please move the Twike out of the NEV section, its placement there doesn’t do it justice.

  6. ecardriver Says:

    Hi Jeroen! You have a very good list, I´ve kept similar “e-cars market watch listing” on my blog. To qualify the car needs to be 1. available in EU (the sooner the better), 2. mass produced, 3. able of minimum 120 km/h, 4. able of minimum 150 km range regardless of weather, speed etc., 5. has 4-doors 6. cost about 20 000 € and 7. status of development (concept, test, production model: the closer to final product the better). See the list here: http://sahkoautoilija.wordpress.com/sahkoautolista/

    I am sorry it is in Finnish, but you can still use the links and pick up some models you are currently missing M.Go, WILL, Joule…).

    I am very enthusiastic about the BYD e-cars and they´ve appointed Dutch dealer group Autobinck as a BYD distributor to central-European market. Could you find about the schedule of the BYD arriving to EU market? Let´s keep in touch and talk some more!

  7. B Says:

    I added a link to your website in my forums at TheEEStory.com. Thanks & nice list.

  8. Roy Says:

    Excellent list and well presented.
    I don’t believe the Electrovaya ones are slated for production, they are just concept ideas floated by Electrovaya.

    Electrovaya is working on importing a car from China, but I don’t know which model. I hope it is the Z-Shine. See these gas cars made by Chana.
    Eventually Chana will bring out electric variants with Electrovaya batteries.

    Electrovays has the best battery solution on the market to-day. They will be in Tata’s Indica EV. It would be difficult, but it would be nice to rate the cars as likely production, maybe, and just concept.

    A couple of more cars:

    I think Tata Motor’s Indica EV is likely to make it to market sooner than most other highway capable cars.

  9. Texas Bear Says:

    What about the Fisker, where would you put it? http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/01/fiskers-80k-plu.html

  10. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    @Texas Bear,

    I did not add the Fisker car because I wanted to focus this list on 100% electric cars, no hybrid cars.

    Hybrid cars still need fossil fuels to charge their batteries. On the other hand, 100% electric cars can be charged using pure renewable energy sources like wind-power, solar-power and hydro-power. This is the only way to go when we want to build a civilization which provides for its energy using renewable energy.

    Any resources put in hybrids are not spend on 100% electric cars, so wasting the little time we have left to make this necessary transition from fossil to renewable.

  11. Jeroen van Agt Says:


    Thanks for adding a link to this list from TheEEStory.com forum.
    I made the links to the TheEEStory.com click-able to people can more easily access the website.

    By the way, we also have a nice story about the EEStor on our website. See Has the supercapacitor been invented? I will add a link there to the TheEEStory.com website.

  12. Wolfgang Says:

    You might wanna add unless I’ve missed them:


    Also how about electric scooters, motorcycles, e-bikes?


  13. Tom Chang Says:

    This is a good list that I have ever seen. As for 3 wheeler, should not it be categoried in either “light electric vehicle” or “NEV” ? ( Anyone head of the light electric vehicle ? Some “experts” said the EV category is defined by SAE, and no one uses LEV except LSEV ). And how do we categorize the EV at below 20mph (32Km/h) like commutors at NASA or at zoo or golf course ?

    Do you plan to include e-bike (e-bicycle, e-scooter, e-motorcycle, e-moped, segway, and commericial bus, van, mid/heavy duty truck, forlift, ATV ?

  14. Mollerup Says:

    Here is another list of electric cars you could compare with. Although it is in Norwegian, I guess you get the gist. The references are mainly in English anyway.

  15. dannyb Says:

    You have a listing for the MDI MiniCat, aka the “aircar”. There are _plenty_ of doubts about whether this company is actually intending to produce any such product. They’ve been announcing it for years, but have never shown anything that actually works. And the physics behind using compressed air as a storage method are very, very, questionable. As in not a snowball’s chance in hell would this work

  16. Jeroen van Agt Says:


    There are indeed a lot of questions about the efficiency of the car using compressed air as energy storage medium.

    They seems to have a prototype running. I found the following video on youtube: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=JxcJ0fOrT0I

  17. Marc Geller Says:

    Thanks for the very comprehensive list.
    I’d like to suggest a link to Plug In America, the US electric car advocacy organization. Also, my blog, Plugs and Cars at http://www.plugsandcars.blogspot.com is obviously all about plug-in vehicles.

  18. Christine Gupta Says:

    Jeroen – what a terrific piece of work! I started to build an EV Production Timeline on my website, but it was just at the time that the big auto players started to own up that they’re in serious trouble, so my timings are having to change almost day by day. I’m part of a consortium that is bidding to bring the Mitsubishi i MiEV to Edinburgh for a trial, so may actually get the chance to drive one for a bit. Can’t wait!

  19. Pat Says:

    Amazing how foolish US public is? We want a EV which can seta 4 & can drive 100′s of mile on a charge. It should have ample leg room & space for the fatties in US… What we need is a 2 seater car with ample room for batteris in the back so one could travel 100+ miles on a charge. An ideal car for commuting to office or run around in town. For long distance travel, rent a gas/hybrid car or own one.
    Ofcourse for this to happen, cost of the ion-lithium battery & car need to be resonable. One cant expect people to buy a EV for $35K + as most of the idiots in US are in economic trouble…they dont have the $ and no credit…lol

  20. Pat Says:

    Another idea: not essential to begin with but nonethless worth looking at is to add solar cells on the roof/back etc to provide some energy during the day especially in hot regions of US. FL, AZ, CA NV come to mind. The point being that there is enough technology available to get an EV going but somehow — it is not being done. The Obama administration has given billons to GM which could have been poured into research/devlopment for batteries. Like anything else Korea, Japan, China, Germany etc will beat US in battery production too…What a tragedy..

  21. Jan Neuteboom Says:

    As a reply to entry nr. 20 by ‘Pat’ I would like to point to a company in the Netherlands which builds solar road trains which operate in two cities in The Netherlands (Maastricht and Nijmegen) and on an island in the North Sea (Schiermonnikoog). They also build some smaller recreational solar power assisted vehicles and golf carts. Pat, this shows that even in a climate withh a lot of cloudy, rainy days your idea is a reality!
    If you like to know more visit their multi-language website: http://www.soios.nl

  22. Tamas Says:


    Hungarian research and development with some very innovative ideas

  23. Amilkar64 Says:

    …Very interesting…

  24. Fons Says:

    in the listing, I didn’ find :
    Fisker Karma – a very beautiful sportscar 4 doors.

  25. Jesus Says:

    Take a look at the new Nissan Leaf electric car:

  26. Arunkumar Says:

    A very good collection – eco aware!
    The cost of replacing the batteries (every three years) has been a major detterent in public acceptance
    Any information about the batteries – latest developments regarding life and cost

  27. Andrew Apipat Says:

    It is great to see an org.can steer the world public in the
    right direction, otherwise there will be more Natural disasters due to human causes one after another. Finger pointings just simply too much in the same World, we are sharing together.

  28. Andrew Apipat Says:

    It is about time to stop pollution around the World.

  29. Naeshun Builda Says:

    You forgot abotu the optimal Joule http://www.optimalenergy.co.za/

  30. Börnsi Says:

    This is all very nice and green. I am asking myself where all the energy will be coming from to make this “green” cars driving. Is solar power really so green (see chinese Solar Panel producer)? As far as I know in Europe most countries are energy producing negativ at this time, so where is the energy coming from. I think than much better than making everything green by buying new gadgets is simply using them less. Let us not follow the “green bubble builder” again and start think ourselves.

  31. sangamesh Says:

    this is very very nice cars and pollution free cars.

  32. Jadon Says:

    What about the chevy volt and the toyota prius.

  33. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    Both cars are not 100% electric and still need fossil fuels and therefore not in this list.

  34. erdinç inan Says:


  35. Teslaman Says:

    The twike is the ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen. They look like they would topple over with a gust of wind!

    Go the Tesla, these things rip your nuts off

  36. Bryan Says:

    The reason electric cars haven’t taken off is because they are so darn ugly, and expensive. Many green-minded folk would rather purchase a low emission, fuel economic car. Even the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are an eyesore. However, electric versions of convential vehicles already on the market (such as the Lotus Elise EMV and VW Golf EMV) offer the most viable solution. The fact is that there are no government incentives to purchase these green cars, and they are so much more expensive, its ridiculous.

    Until electric car technology advances and becomes cheaper (like any new technology I guess), nobody will bother. I remember when DVDs came out, players were over $500. Now every man and his dog has one, and can be had for as little as $25. Go figure

  37. Avi S Says:

    Thank for the list. Zap X project has been dropped.

  38. Avi S Says:

    Obvio runs on any percentage of ethanol, NCG – natural compressed gas or gasoline. Where is the electric version?!!

  39. Charles Kung Says:

    I appreciated your comprehensive work. As a memeber of the industry, I’m trying to organize the technology and manufacturing alliance to enter the supply chain of EV. Any suggestions about potential partners of motor drive and control, BMS, regenerative brake, battery cell? Any engineering consultant?

  40. José L. Barani Says:

    Human kind need electric cars.

  41. kay Says:

    Hi All,
    Can someone send a catalog of 100% electric cars that are out in production and that can be purchased now. I know the Tesla is one but i need other options. Please send email to kayadex@gmail.com.

  42. Teslaman Says:

    Fuck other options Kay, man the Teslas rule over all orgasmic performance cars. Makes my scrotum buzz

  43. Saajidah Says:

    I am truly impressed by your list – i’m actually a grade 7 Technology teacher looking for an interesting article to include in my 4th term test-i’m definitely using your info as a complete section (bias in tech)-only hope none of my learners read this before the test.

  44. driventospeed Says:

    hi. thats really a good list. u missed one of the most important cars coming in 2011; the tesla model s. and how about the nissan leaf?

  45. don s. claveciclla Says:

    im searching for that electric car wich discovery channel had featuerd recently i think its a toyota plug-in plug-out it has its own self generating property that we dont have to recharge it once set on motion the plug out feature allows it to power a whole household during brownout,

  46. don s. claveciclla Says:

    ya the fossil fuel source in the whole world is dwindling & we cant simply wish tha it will be able to supply global need,its about time to switch to alternative source like the sun the wind & hydro its all abundantly available for free & we dont need to create/start a war against nation to harness free source of energy that nature has to offer,were already at verge of global crissis that is pushing us to distrction

  47. Mauricio Vas Says:

    Hi Jeroen,

    An excellent article and information repository. I can add a few cars that you could be including, such as Bluecar, Nissan Leaf, Riversimple, etc.

    See http://ev.ulysses.co.nz/zero-emission-vehicles/ for more information and links.

    Great work.

    Feel free to link to my information web site: http://ev.ulysses.co.nz/

    All the best.


  48. Mauricio Vas Says:

    I have also added a link to this page on my information web site.

  49. Sam Jeya Rajkumar Says:

    I am in India and ready to partner with anyone to import any electric car in India and do business. Indianas are badly need of electric car. Sam

  50. Peter Heijnen Says:


    Great overview. I am however missing the Centric-Automotive Thorr, which is a electrical sports prototype that will be produced in limited numbers, see http://www.thorr.eu for pictures and specs.

  51. abdulmalik abubakar Says:

    please i am in need of information where i could run a short course for electric car technician,where by i could convert mechnical cars to electric

  52. Ahmad Ali Says:

    Please help me to find some inforamtion about electric car manufacturing in pakistan

  53. sam newton Says:

    Isn’t there any electric car manufacturer in Malaysia? Please let me know if there’s any…

  54. Sid Says:

    Better to try and get one of these bad boys soon…. I am sure at some point the govs wont be happy in losing tax and then will impose a road tax on how much you drive. Happy cheap driving for about 5 years:) and then its pay per mile :)

  55. boggdi Says:

    good guys you deserve to know that actually green science is far more developed, check the cars which run fuelless only by magnetic engines without any electricty =check perendev engines which could easily recharge the bateries if the vehicle has ones but not strongly needed. wait all of you and the editor on overunity.com

  56. Ayele Thalema Says:

    We want to be your disterbuter In East Africa Ethiopia.
    late me now if yoy have discawent prise on this list of electric car vert uergent.
    Thank you


  57. John Doe Says:

    You missed the volvo c30 It will be a plug in hybrid.
    This makes it pure electric if you never leave town and plug it in every night.

  58. Haseen Ragavan Says:

    Most effective cars. Try to launch as soon as possible in order to save our powerful EARTH from destruction..

  59. rob Says:

    Hi, I would just like to put my 2 cents in and suggest you move some of the smaller low speed cars from the highway to the around town section. The top speed of some of these cars would not be adequate to drive in countries such as Australia and probably not New Zealand either so I would think the United States would be a problem too.
    The top speeds are only just enough to keep up with traffic with no way of accelerating if required, also it would affect the distance whic by the way should probably be rated similar to speakers ie. Minimum distance, running distance, and max distance. What I mean here is distance at low speed as opposed to distance at top speed. How far can you go if at top speed continuously?
    Just my thoughts. Thanks. I am looking forward to hopefully getting an EV or maybe finding out how to do a home conversion.

  60. Lance Says:

    It would be helpful if the location of the manufacturer were shown. I live in the Philippines and would like to know which of my choices are made nearby. Shipping can be very expensive.

    Nice list…

  61. Verna Says:


    I would like to present to you my system of air-conditioning and heating of all vehicles which recovers lost energy of the suspensions: http://translate.google.ca/translate?u=http://www.climaverna.com/&sl=fr&tl=en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

    This invention will be able to generate formidable economies of energies.

    The video of an interview diffused on RMC in the emission ” votre auto” (in French) on Sunday April 5 is visible at this address: http://www.climaverna.com/compresseur2.htm.


    Christophe Verna

  62. Robert Says:

    Hi Jeroen,

    This is the most interesting site I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for all your effort here it is truly mind boggling!
    I’m about 40% Through my own EV project and your site is great feedback on the EV world around me.
    Thanks many times over.

  63. bapparao Says:

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    I am willing to purchase elestric car in lowest
    rate.please send your details to me.

  64. Peter Collingwood Says:

    As enthusiasts of electric vehicles I thought you might be interested in an exciting event to publicise electric cars and what they’re able to do. And put to bed the fears of running out of power just when you need it, once and for all.

    The event will run across deserts and though national parks in Africa (don’t worry, this isn’t a 4×4 macho marathon).

    If you’d like to help, enter, sponsor, encourage, promote, publicise, endorse, or just want more info, please get in touch.

    We are a UK based organisation.

    Peter Collingwood.


  65. kurkosdr Says:

    The ZAP-X is nothing but a scam to convince naive investors into buying ZAP stock and get them stipped though constant dividends and stock degradation.

    Every journalist that investigated ZAP (the company) has concluded that no R&D is done there. Their only non fictional products are the Xebra and an ATV, both made in some Chinese factory for a retail price of $3.000 and then rebranded as $10.000 cars in the US. Needless to say, build quality is atrocious.
    Then, they throw at you the ZAP-X and the Alias to make you think they are a legitimate car company.

    =====——> For that reason, I strongly propose to break the article into two seperate articles, “Cars you can buy now” and “Upcoming cars”

  66. aftab ahmed Says:


  67. Lalit Gole Says:

    Dear Sir

    I wanted to by MiniCAT Car in India please let me know where i can buy this car.

  68. pakman Says:

    There is the new concept from audi just out so it would be nice to see it added to your concept section. I think there will be two styles like with Tesla, a sport coupe and sedan version. It is going to go into production from all reports so will soon move into the production car section. Also Tesla has a sedan coming up soon and pics are already available so it would be nice to see that on your site as well. Nice job, thank you very much for your effort. It was a revelation to see so many cars on the market that I did not know about.

  69. rahul reddy Says:

    we want more power and more saveings….$

  70. varun reddy Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am willing to purchase elestric car in lowest
    rate.please send your details to me.

  71. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    @varun reddy,

    We as OliNo do not sell these electric cars. OliNo offers only overviews of electric cars, reviews and background information. Each car in the list has links to the manufacturer. Please contact them to get a list of distributors near your own place. Could you keep us op to date with the progress by leaving comments on this website if you have more information. This can be helpful for others.

  72. Barilo Makar Says:

    With great interest read the posted information. For seven years doing research in the field of three-wheeled vehicles. I would be grateful for information on the safety of three-wheeled vehicles. Waiting for communication. Thank Barilo Makar.

  73. artur Says:

    You may want to add the FUTI – one portuguese electric car. Website:http://www.futi.pt/en_default.asp

  74. Kenkobe Madna Says:

    I am impressed with the advancement made in the production of electric cars.its success will really solve part of the atmospheric pollution that is gradually destroying the world and at the same time provide an alternative to the fast depleting fossil fuel. i believe a sun tracking satelite with portable efficient generators run by energy sensors linked to the satelite will be the permanent solution to the worlds energy needs.chloroplasts should be studied for building efficient batteries. afterall, nature has always been our best teacher.

  75. Charlie Says:

    @Jeroen van Agt, you wrote:

    “I did not add the Fisker car because I wanted to focus this list on 100% electric cars, no hybrid cars. Hybrid cars still need fossil fuels to charge their batteries.”

    Jeroen you are wrong! The Fisker Karma and the Chevy Volt can both be driven in electric only mode within the range of their batteries, without burning any fossil fuels. The Fisker Karma has an electric only range of 80 km, which is longer than the Golf Golf CityStromer, Citroën Berlingo Electrique or the Subaru r1e which are included in your list. Both the Fisker Karma and the Chevy Volt can be driven as a 100% electric vehicle within their driving range and can be charged using pure renewable energy sources like wind-power, solar-power and hydro-power.

    Until rapid charging stations for electric vehicles are common place it will be very difficult to rely 100% driving an electric only car. What happens when I want to drive the Suburu r1e from Bonn to Munchen? The trip would take days because of the limitation of the battery range. With a Fisker Karma the trip is no problem, burning a small amount of petrol after the first 80km of the trip.

    You are absolutely right that the Toyota Prius and other similar hybrids should not be on the list. The small size of the battery pack results in a very limited electric range of about 1.5 km and the weak electric motor means the top electric speed is limited to 45 km/hr. Even a plug-in Prius will be limited by the speed and range of its weak hybrid design.

    You confuse weak hybrids like the Toyota Prius with strong hybrids. Strong hybrids are in reality full electric vehicles with a generator included to extend the range, which is why GM coined the classification EREV or Extended Range Electric Vehicles. They can be driven for years without burning any fossil fuels depending on the driving habits of the owner.

    Cars like the Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt are essential to the transformation from from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The problem today is no businesses or government will build charging stations for electric vehicles until there are many electric vehicles on the road but consumers will not buy electric vehicles because they will always be afraid that they will be stranded with no electricity and unable to get to their final destination. Rather than wasting time, the Fisker Karma and the Chevy Volt are essential to creating the demand to build the infrastructure to support 100% electric vehicles without regenerative capability.

  76. Ricky Says:

    I saw your list but you should include the most “useful” electric vehicle in production now…albeit from Korea. They have a SUV, dubbed S65 that does 400Km on a single charge. There is no word on how long that takes to charge but the range alone would allow you to have a truly useful vehicle well worth the comparison with it’s oil and gas burning internal combustion vehicles.

  77. yoatmon Says:

    First of all, there is a real hype in progress concerning EVs. Your website is no exception. From all the junk that is being perpetrated in the internet, only the following three will have a definite future. BEVs, FCs or a hybrid comprised of both types. ICE hybrid solutions would have been acceptable some thirty years ago but now i. a. w. the state of the art, they just belong to yesteryear or better -decades.
    As for a BEV solution, the LMP-battery developed from DBM in Berlin, Germany is benchmark worldwide. I suggest that you implement a “Spam Filter” on your website to limit your “expose’” to practical applicability.

  78. david grant Says:

    Available now; 1st Fully Electric SUV – 250 mile range / $29990 USD
    Offshore Investors required

  79. Neil J. Pereira Says:

    This is the single most interesting forum which I am certain will change the way our world is heading – moving away from being dependent on the shrinking supplies of fossil fuel. Most governments should encourage the initiative you have taken to popularize this movement. Keep up the good work. My thoughts are with you.
    Neil J. Pereira

  80. Alfred Smith Says:

    A great site. I was surprise to know and see that there are so many electric vehicles already on the market. Keep it up to date.
    Alfred Smith

  81. vikas kaushal Says:

    the site is really very informative. i wanted to know if any of these cars are available in india. the govt here puts 100 % duty on imported cars. also reve has launched a new model which is not included in the list. i dont know tha details. further i would like to suggest that a section on solar cars can be informative. also alongwith if we have some contact for trade enquiries. thanks.

  82. Brian Z Jones Says:

    To refer to EVs as not using “non-renewable resources” is short-sighted at best, misleading & ignorant at worst.

    There is no infinite supply of lithium, nor nickel, etc. They still use non-renewable resources, just in a different (and longer lasting) way.

    The benefit is in short-term possibility of “green-house gas” redux. And that benefit is nearly negated when using a coal-fired power-source.


  83. ANDRIUS Says:




  84. suncar Says:

    Electric cars are so quiet and unusual. I like them and hope it will become more popular for daily use.

  85. amir khan Says:

    india has done a remarkable work ,,producing very cheap electric cars,,reliability may b a problem,,but that will be solved with the passage of time,,,oil lobby is not letting this thing work very rapid otherwise we hav all tech etc to make it,,though it will become more perfect with the passage of time,,,,

  86. Asit Ghosh, Bombay Says:

    EV’s are unlikely to make it count unless the good ones are available at a price that is competetive and affordable. If one needs to spend US$ 100,000/- for a Tesla Coupe, he would be better off with the quality assurance and safety features of a Merc E-320 Coupe. The bottomline for EV’s to become popular in the long term, therefore, is in the prices of reliable EV models being affordable to the masses. Countries like China, India and Brazil are going to be the principal market for eco-freindly green cars, but then all these markets are price sensitive and it will be impossible to penetrate with the current price structure. Probably a revolutionary development in the field of battery, generator, motor, drive-train, etc. is required to bring in a paradigm shift in pricing. Till then, Electric Cars are likely to remain Flower Girls to cars driven byfossil fuel. I will be the happiest person if future events prove me wrong.

  87. sengolan Says:

    beautiful datas collection

  88. Francisco Rodriguez Says:

    What about Renault Fluence, Citroën C-Zero, Audi eTron, Tesla Model S, or Nissan Leaf? Good compilation, by the way…. Just a little bit out of date, but a good one!

  89. Francisco Rodriguez Says:

    Just for keeping our Tesla Fan Level very high, setting on a side the Model S, with Roadster, Tesla hasn’t invented anything but integrating technology from other vendors, like bodies from Lotus, or powertrains from AC Propulsion. They have created an awesome showroom whith the Roadster.

    With Model S, they have developed a car from scratch, bringing a loooooooot of technology to the car, and a set of very refreshing ideas and perspective for auto sector. What I am not quite sure if the powertrain has been developed or they went to AC Propulsion again (which is not bad, actually ACP is the Leader Brand in the world in such area). The production manager was a former Aston Martin manager.

  90. Evan Says:

    Hey I just wanted to say good work on the list. I have a website with something similar myself and I know the huge ammount of work that goes into finding the real electric cars behind all the smoke and mirrors and promises! Im pretty sure the Phoenix SUT isn’t going to make it to production anymore too.

  91. Vineeth Says:

    You ought to add electric bikes. keep up the good work!

  92. Muhammad Aqeel Rao Says:

    I have done diploma associate engineering in automobile from St.Patrick’s institute and right now i and my sir Samuel James work on electric technology or learn about hybrid vehicle.when we saw this way instead of gasoline i really surprised and we get lot of ideas from this forum, carry on it is good research.In future we will see this kinds of vehicle on the road.

  93. Gideon Mayanja Says:

    I am so intrested in electric cars so can you send me a weekly newsletter please

  94. jitendra v shah Says:

    none of the car is in surat gujarat india

  95. autumn rose Says:

    Where’s the Nissan Leaf?

  96. Bt Arrowood Says:

    This web site hasn’t had an update for over a year. Do you think people would like up to date information? I sure would! How about it? Any time soon?

  97. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    @BT Arrowood,

    Your wish is my command :).

    I have just updated the list with the new Citroën C-Zero. Keep an eye on the list, a lot of new 100% electric cars will be added soon.

  98. Arctic cat atvs Says:

    Electric cars use power from coal burning powerstations, so emit tons of co% every year

    Battery powered cars use electricity to charge up, that means burning lots of coal.

    Not very green is it.

  99. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    @Arctic Cat,

    Even in the worst-case scenario when you generate the electricity from coal burning powerstations, the emissions per km (or mile) of an electric car is already less then fuel efficient European cars (see Environmental Impacts of the Electric Car). When more and more electricity is generated from renewable energy sources the difference will become bigger and bigger. It is possible to generate ALL of our electricity needs using renewable sources like wind power, solar energy and hydro power. The technology is already here, we just need to start implementing these (and stop wasting our money on oil and gas)

  100. james kono Says:

    Electric cars in the long run will be a higher cost to the taxpayers and will add to the national debt.

  101. Jeroen van Agt Says:


    Can you explain yourself? Why is this the case?

  102. Stephen Hodges Says:

    I wish someone would buy “online!” some of the Chinese EV’s and tell us what they are like (and how much they cost)…. such as Tianjin Qingyuan AO, at http://www.qyev.com/en/product_47.aspx

  103. Tweets that mention Overview of electric cars | OliNo -- Topsy.com Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kirill Klip, shaul levi. shaul levi said: you can buy electric car … here is a full list of options http://bit.ly/eTUYAM [...]

  104. Svemir Says:

    Please watch this of-the-shelf-built electric car with 900 HP beating Tesla Roadster…


    thank you for your site! :)

  105. Samual Says:

    Electric cars are the future of cars i can say. I like them all and hope that only electic cars gonna be servive in next years.thanks for sharing with us..
    Light Duty Trucks


    Dear Sir
    I am intrested to purchase an cost effective electric car so please mail me the lowest price and feature at my mail……….


  107. K A Cheah Says:

    With Range Anxiety Pressures looming over pure EVs Drivers’ minds/consciousness always, perhaps, all the EVs manufacturers should be wiser looking into the future in developing and producing EVs as the Extended Range Plug-in Hybrid EVs which could use a combination of known and proven technologies in which case that it should use a direct drive micro-turbine generator to recharge its batteries for the extended range instead of a normal ICE engine as the micro-turbine generator is 300% more efficient and as the micro-turbine generator is fuel flexible which could also use alternative hybrid fuel such HHO \on demand basis only\ via electrolysis of water with the excess electrical energy when the turbine is generating electricity to recharge its batteries just like ordinary ICE Vehicles’ Alternators. Perhaps the said Synthetic Gasoline made from wastes and Methanol made from Coal conversion may be two of the several available options which is recyclable of its reducing the carbon footprints of the fossil fuels. They could use the most powerful Permanent Magnets’ Engines(made from rare earth metals) in their drive train to boost horsepower and torque with the same amount of Electrical Energy inputs, and they could also use regenerative brakes to re-charge their batteries as well. Scientific R&D for all vocations needed the best available ideas in the known technologies’ combinations to achieve the best results in reaching the most efficient goals of a Plug-in Hybrid EVs Car such as the Chevy Volt, Proton Exora and in other Plug-in Extended Range Hybrid EVs. Hopefully with the increase in sales volumes owing to technological advancement in such HPE-REVs their prices would be reduced in order to be more competitive with Conventional ICE Vehicles as the prices of fuels (Petrol & Diesel) are again expected to shoot-up through the roofs in 2011.

  108. Taylor Rodan Says:

    Babaganoosh here and this was such a treat, boost out another one asap

  109. Chris Bakken Says:


    Question, have you considered electric trucks? In the US now there are two available options, Smith (UK company with a facility in Kentucky) and EV International an US company operating out of California.

  110. Dom Says:

    The Tazzari Zero is not in your list, its a 2 seater sports car on sale for $25000, made in Italy.

  111. Ansel Kaluge Says:

    Dear Sir,
    You really make rvolutonary autocar. Do you have market in Indonesia? If not yet, I cn help yu to open your market in Indonesia.

    Thanks and kind regard
    Ansel Kaluge


    We got all different types of electric cars. What is missing is the infra structure for battery charger and time it takes for the same.



  113. muhammed shahin Says:

    electric car & Diesel

  114. » Future Electric Cars: Is It Time to Buy an Electric Car? Access The Who’s Who List of the EV Industry FUTUREPREDICTIONS.COM Source of Likely and Preferable Futures ™ Says:

    [...] OliNo Netherlands Electric Vehicle Overview [...]

  115. Mustaqeem Ali Says:

    Your information are good. But please provide me some idea on making a car by Do your self method.

  116. Canas Says:

    What about the car radio?

  117. vimoreHD Says:

    It’s onerous to find knowledgeable individuals on this topic, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  118. Alkè Says:

    Ten years ago we were speaking about cars like the ones described in this article. Now, 10 years later, the entire car market has been scrambled by the electric revolution. Car companies are launching their own electric models, and that just amaizing!

  119. Krotpriser Says:

    Your blog is informative thank you for sharing this if you guys are looking for used car then visit our site…

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