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Costs of the electric car

Posted by Joost van den Bulk in Transport 12 Comments »

detroit-electric-eceDuring the past decade the attention for electric cars increased significantly. Israel, Denmark, Portugal and America (California) are examples of countries where electric cars will be implemented on a large scale and where a charging infrastructure for these cars will be realised. The necessary battery technology is developing rapidly which stimulates large and small car manufacturers to develop a production line for electric cars. Considering the current developments it is interesting to analyse the costs and benefits of electric cars compared to cars with a combustion engine.

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Overview of electric cars

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Transport 123 Comments »

The newest generation of electric cars is a good match for the current generation of gas and/or diesel powered cars. The development is fast. With newest generation of Lio-Ion batteries and powerful electric motors these cars can be used for daily people and goods transports, have enough range and are faster than their fossil powered brothers. Therefore I have decided to create (and maintain) an overview of these new generation of electric cars.

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Theft protection of your bicycle

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Transport 5 Comments »

In these days, it is not easy to prevent theft of your green transport medium (i.e. bicycle, etc). That’s why I have some tips on how to prevent or at least significantly reduce the chance that your bicycle will be stolen. I have used this method for years now with much success. Please be prepared to be flexible with aestetics….

Note that this article was originally written for Dutch people, who all have at least one bicycle which they use for transportation purposes. This is not the case for many other countries. But the approach explained here can be applied to other items too.   

De opgespoten fiets

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More mpg than a Prius and faster than a Ferrari

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Transport 9 Comments »

When talking about electric cars, many people people still have the image in mind of a slow golf car or a quiet car for disabled people. This car proves the opposite. The car accelerates from 0-60 mph in less than 4 sconds, has 248 HP, an equivalent fuel usage of 192 mpg and is 100% electric. This is the new Tesla Roadster….

Tesla Roadster
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