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LED, a hype with prospects for museum purposes?

Posted by Sjoukje Kerman in Energy saving, Led lights 4 Comments »

There lies a collective awareness on the urgency in getting involved with and influencing current environmental issues and climate change in today’s society. This phenomenon is known by the general public as: Greening. It is important, for museums to participate in this occurrence any way possible. To be able to sustain the quality and quantity of our cultural heritage, museums must take matters into their own hands. Visitors (and sponsors) will start demanding it from them. But the real reason museums should start Greening their museums has less to do with a demand from the outside world and far more to do with two essential aspects: an ethical and a financial essence of sufficient and sustainable museum management practice.

The IKEA hack

Posted by Stefan van der Eijk in Energy saving 1 Comment »

img_2921Saving energy makes sense if it’s done correctly. This simple example shows that replacing often used light bulbs for Compact Flourecant Lights has a return on investment of less than 7 months. With some small modifications the replacement also looks pretty good!

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Conversion of a 300W Halogen Torch Lamp to 56W

Posted by Guido Brohm in Energy saving 2 Comments »

12In this article I would like to show you how to convert a 300W Halogen torch lamp into a 56W lamp for less than €12 in about half an hour.

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Replacing the 250W of halogen bulbs in a torch lamp by 16W of LEDs

Posted by Coen Rijnsburger in Energy saving 2 Comments »

This article decribes how the energy consumption of a torch lamp with reading light was reduced from 250 Watt to no more than 16 Watt by utilizing the LED units from four dismantled Lemnis-Pharox bulbs.

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High power led spotlights

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Energy saving, Led lights 1 Comment »

When I started using High power LED spotlights I have found out that the light of some LED lights where not as warm as advertised. Another problem is that these LED spotlights can start melting when you do not use the right transformer…

HighPower led spotjes

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Success with Compact Fluorescent Lamp bulbs

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in CFL Light Bulbs, Energy saving 1 Comment »

When applying any type of lighting it is important that the lamps used will give a warm light for a good atmosphere in the house. This is especially true when using Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs because they are known for their cold light. You can solve this by selecting the right luminaries…

Gezellig licht uit spaarspotjes

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