Renewable Energy

The IKEA hack

Posted by Stefan van der Eijk in Energy saving 1 Comment »

img_2921Saving energy makes sense if it’s done correctly. This simple example shows that replacing often used light bulbs for Compact Flourecant Lights has a return on investment of less than 7 months. With some small modifications the replacement also looks pretty good!

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Conversion of a 300W Halogen Torch Lamp to 56W

Posted by Guido Brohm in Energy saving 2 Comments »

12In this article I would like to show you how to convert a 300W Halogen torch lamp into a 56W lamp for less than €12 in about half an hour.

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Replacing the 250W of halogen bulbs in a torch lamp by 16W of LEDs

Posted by Coen Rijnsburger in Energy saving 2 Comments »

This article decribes how the energy consumption of a torch lamp with reading light was reduced from 250 Watt to no more than 16 Watt by utilizing the LED units from four dismantled Lemnis-Pharox bulbs.

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Energy saving projects around the house 2

Posted by Peter Boon in Energy saving 1 Comment »

To make the most of this Christmas I decided two write my second column. In this article you can read about how to transform a 300W halogen fixture to one that allows an energy saving light bulb. I have done this just to demonstrate that it is not hard to find energy saving projects at home, if you are a bit handy.

zuinige staanlamp
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