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Building my own Solar Panel

Posted by Chris van der Zwaal in Solar energy 172 Comments »

img_2989-547-x-410Because I think that the price of a solar panel is still pretty high(in Europe), and because the stimulation from our government (in the Netherlands) is not so good (very,very complicated and time consuming) I started the project of building my own solar panel. I would like to invite anyone who has some experience with this or is interested in it ,to give me any advice or remarks about it. The main challenge is to build a panel that can withstand heat, cold, rain and hail for many years.

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The major ‘upgrade’: from 570 Wp towards 1.710 Wp

Posted by Niels in Solar energy No Comments »

One year after using my first (small) set of solar panels, and many moments of measuring (weekly), the blue PV-virus took a grip on my life 😉 Combined with possibility (both financially as physically) to place more panels on the flat roof, the urge to use this space began to grow….
See and read here in this article where I upgrade a small-size (570Wp) installation toward a ‘slightly’ larger one (1.710Wp).


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My first set of photo-voltaic panels

Posted by Niels in Solar energy 1 Comment »

After settling down in your own new house, with a new future and lots of new ideas, then it comes to mind: What’s next?

After a while it becomes clear: I want solar energy to be available for my house!! How things went after taking this decision, you can read it in this essay…

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Payback period of a PV system

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Solar energy 1 Comment »

Grafiek besparing PV systeemWith the rising oil prices having an impact on the electricity price it would be interesting to see what the payback period is for a Photovoltaics (PV) system. The result, even for individuals without subsidy it is already interesting to invest in a PV system. A PV system will payback itself way before its guaranteed lifetime and its long-term savings in electricity costs can be 7 times as high as the investment cost (based on Dutch prices). For my own PV system of 2500 Wp, I would have a net cost saving of more than € 68,000 on electricity costs after 25 years.

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New record

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Solar energy 1 Comment »

Yesterday (14-7-2006) I had a new record yield with my solar panels. On this day the solar panels generated 17 kWh. It was the perfect day, let me explain…

2500W aan zonnepanelen

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2500 Watt with Solar Panels

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Solar energy No Comments »

The installation of 6 extra solar panels generate now 2500 Watt Peak…

2500W aan zonnepanelen

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Saving 300 kWh annually using a rotary clothes line

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Energy saving, Solar energy 1 Comment »

An example how to save a lot of energy with a small investment….

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1500 Watt with Solar Panels

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Solar energy 5 Comments »

The installation of 12 solar panels with a total of 1500 Watt peak. Information and tips about the installation and how to maximise its yield.

1500W aan zonnepanelen
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My first 4 solar panels

Posted by Marcel van der Steen in Solar energy No Comments »

Experiences with 4 x Isofoton I-110 solar panels on my slanted roof.

Plaatje van overzicht van de vier panelen
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My first solar panel

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Solar energy 1 Comment »

My experience with my first solar panel and how this started the big change…

Plaatje van mijn eerste zonnepaneel

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