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Saving energy with the toroidal transformer

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s6300635aIn most electronic equipment, a low-cost EI-core transformer is used, which is much less efficient than a toroidal transformer. This article shows that, quite some energy can be saved by using a more efficient transformer.

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Replacing the 250W of halogen bulbs in a torch lamp by 16W of LEDs

Posted by Coen Rijnsburger in Energy saving 2 Comments »

This article decribes how the energy consumption of a torch lamp with reading light was reduced from 250 Watt to no more than 16 Watt by utilizing the LED units from four dismantled Lemnis-Pharox bulbs.

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Upgrade of forced air ventilation unit

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Every recent house (build from the late 1980’s and up) has one installed: a forced air ventilation unit. Isolation is important, but what most people forget: good ventilation is also a must. Ventilation and isolation go hand in hand… In my house a system was also installed, with as a beating heart the JE StorkAir CMFe ventilation unit. The noise it emitted was disturbing (for me), and after a calculation I was amazed. This thing wastes lots of energy, and emits noise also…. Therefore I compared it to another ventilation unit (the Itho EcoFan 2) and… immediate upgraded this system for a brand-new Itho unit.


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Energy saving projects around the house 2

Posted by Peter Boon in Energy saving 1 Comment »

To make the most of this Christmas I decided two write my second column. In this article you can read about how to transform a 300W halogen fixture to one that allows an energy saving light bulb. I have done this just to demonstrate that it is not hard to find energy saving projects at home, if you are a bit handy.

zuinige staanlamp
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Energy Saving Projects at Home

Posted by Peter Boon in Energy saving 3 Comments »

The columns on this site inspired me to look at my energy consumption at home. Out of curiosity, I wondered whether I was throwing away money. I found out I was. It seems that with some simple actions, I am able to save 175 € per year…

energie meter

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Has the supercapacitor been invented?

Posted by Marcel van der Steen in Energy saving, Energy storage 4 Comments »

A company in Austin (Texas), named EEStor, will soon have developed a super capacitor that is close to production. This super capacitor with a weight of 180 kg (396 lbs) and would be able to store 52 kWh of energy. This energy is usable for many purposes: for example, electric automobiles, but also to be used to store and release on command the fluctuating energy coming from wind turbines or PV solar cells. This latter would improve the availability of solar-energy, wind-energy and other intermittent sources of energy on demand, which will increase the usefulness of these sources enormously. It could then lead to a situation where we do not need fossil fuels anymore for our energy production.
Plaatje van supercondensator
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LED-rail “Trettioen” from IKEA

Posted by Niels in Energy saving, Led lights 6 Comments »

For some time, the Swedish company Ikea has also some LED-lights in it’s shelfs. I bought mine and installed them as decorative lighting elements underneath a bar. Here’s the story…..

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Heat recovery

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Energy saving 1 Comment »

A good way to save energy is using heat recovery. With a heat recovery system you can recover the heat which would normally be lost when taking a shower or ventilating your house. This can provide a large reduction on your energy consumption…

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Building a low power consuming server (2)

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Energy saving 2 Comments »


By replacing the components of an existing server you can save a lot of energy. In this part I will tell you about the problems encounter finding the right motherboard, the non-standard connectors of Intel case and the saving which I have made on power consumption…


De server
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Building a low power consuming server (1)

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Energy saving 1 Comment »

By replacing the components of an existing server you can save a lot of energy. Finding the right components is not that easy…

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