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Highest Wind Turbine in the World: 160 meters.

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In Germany,  the world’s highest wind turbine has been put into action. It has a hub height of 160 m and the whole turbine is mounted on a frame with a base of 30 m and a weight of 347 tons. The rotor diameter is 90 m and its power rated at 2.5 MW. The estimate is that it will generate a yearly 7 million kWh.    


20 km west of Cottbus, Brandenburg, Duitsland, a specialist SeeBa   has put the world’s highest wind turbine into action. Eight people needed four weeks to connect all the pieces of the frame that serves as the base. From road construction to operation took two months.

The base looks like the base used for high power lines. The height of these latter can be up to 230 m, for instance, for the lines over the river Elbe at Hamburg.



World’s Tallest Wind Turbine

The base carries a wind turbine of [Fuhrländer](http://www.fuhrlaender.de/) with a 90 m rotor diameter and a power of 2.5 MW and will generate 7 million kWh per year. Inland, we expect 35-45% more power to be generated at 160 m height than at 100 m height. Roughness of the terrain is the main reason why windspeeds at lower heights decrease.

SeeBa   realized far more than 250 wind turbines on these frames, and half of these on frames of 100 to 117 meter height. These heights are of interest for inland positioning to take advantage of the higher average windspeeds at higher elevations. The fact that the frame does not consist of a big pillar but instead of many small parts, makes transport over smaller roads easier, and there are some places where transport of big parts is an issue. SeeBa also is a project developer of wind parks.

Source: WSH

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  1. mvdsteen Says:

    Very well done Jeroen. This is the first article on our English OliNo site. There are more to come!

  2. Jeanne Eisenhut Says:

    I’ve been struggling to read your website in Dutch for some years because the topics are always interesting and have excellent graphics. I really appreciate it that you have taken the time to translate them into English for the rest of the world to view. Thank you for your contribution!

  3. Jeroen van Agt Says:

    You are welcome. Hopefully the English version of OliNo is as good appreciated as the Dutch website.

  4. Mohsen Behaeddin Says:

    Job well done . I would like to know that what kind of a crane and how tall it was . I would like to hear about this kind of projects . Thanks Mohsen

  5. Bhanumurty Kolluru Says:

    This is interesting. My company consumes around 5.5 mil KWH per year. I am looking for a Wind Turbine to study feasibility.
    Can you pl help me?

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