Promotion and discount on measurements

For the promotion of lampswe have a subscription model. With this subscription model your lamps will be promoted with a link to your website / webshop on the OliNo website and you get a discount on measurements.

 Subscription model

This allows you to promote an unlimited number of lamps and allows visitors to click through to your website. The subscription model costs merely € 25, – per month.


Subscription model

Example: Project Business

Below, there is an example developed based on actual measured statistics for a Project Business. This example calculation shows the investment in promotion and the additional revenue that can be achieved.



The minimum duration of any promotion model is six months and it will be cashed by direct credit. After completion of the 6 months, the monthly subscription is automatically extended. The notice period is one month.

Getting started

Would you like to participate? It’s very simple. Click here to request a promotion model. Then you can perform a promotion measurement. Once the measurement is finished, the lamp is readily available on the Lamp Portal and the corresponding measurement report gets a link to your own website.

Are you an existing customer and do you already have published lamp measurements? Take a promotion model and the already measured lamps, that are still relevant, will be automatically displayed on the Lamp Portal. In addition, all existing published measurement reports will automatically get a link to your own website.

Supplier portal

Once you have a promotion model you also get your own personal account on our supplier portal. At the supplier portal you can view statistics about how often your lamps are displayed, how many clicks do they get and which lamps are the most popular. Click here for more information about the supplier portal.

Lamp Measurements

To achieve more clarity and transparency in the lighting market, OliNo performs, already since 2007, independent lamp measurements for suppliers, manufacturers, development agencies, and even for customers. More and more companies are aware of this service and the number of measurements rise sharply every year. Meanwhile, our database has more than 1900 lamp measurement reports published in several languages.

Growth of the published lamp measurements

Measurement reports, in depth and complete

For each measurement, a very comprehensive and detailed measurement report is available. The target groups for the measurement reports are lamp suppliers, lamp producers, lighting engineers and architects (Eulumdat files). We hear a lot from our customers that the OliNo measurement reports are “best in class” in the lighting market.

Summary of a measurement report

Here is an example of the full measurement report. However, the measurement reports are too technical for the average consumer or professional end user. Consumers are looking for energy saving light sources to replace their existing lamp(s) and want to be guided to make sure they choose the right lamp, without having to read all kinds of technical reports. Professionals want to be able to quickly search for lamps that meet their desired specifications. That is why we have created the Lamp Portal.

Lamp Portal

The Lamp Portal enables consumers and professionals to easily find all lamp measurements promoted by the suppliers. With each lamp measurement you, as a supplier, always have the choice whether to promote your lamp or not. If you choose for promotion, your lamp will be promoted on the Lamp Portal with a link to your website, and you can optionally display its price. In addition, the associated measurement report will also get a link to your own website. To promote lamps you need to subscribe for a promotion model. With a promotion model, you get an additional discount (30-50%) on each measurement.

Lamp Portal

For consumers and professionals

Via the Retrofit Wizard, consumers can get advice to replace their old lamp bulbs. The Lamps Overview allows consumers and professionals to specifically search for lamps in the defined categories, and to filter out the most important measured lamp parameters. Through the buy-online link in the search results, potential customers go to the Lamp Details Page and from there they can click through to the vendor webshop or website, and subsequently purchase the lamp.


There are many comparison websites on the Internet. However, the OliNo Lamp Portal is unique because we compare only lamps that are actually measured by OliNo. We also show much more important parameters. This gives the visitor a fair and independent advice. Consumers and professionals can finally compare apples to apples.

Tips and suggestions

We are constantly improving the Lamp Portal. Do you have tips or suggestions on how we can further improve this Lamp Portal? Please let us know via the contact form.

Independence OliNo

The independence of OliNo is of very great value for us (and for the sustainable community). We therefore make sure that the Lamp Portal has no influence on our independence. The choice of using or not using lamp promotion has no effect on the results of any lamp measurement, product reviews and content articles.

We remain critical, objective and independent in providing information on our website. This is what the sustainable community expects from us.