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New Lamp Measurements Overview

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last-updateSince May 2007 OliNo is busy with professional lamp measurements. The goal is to get more transparancy in the lamp market. To reach this goal we publish the lamp measurement results on our public website. This information is accessible for everybody. Until now we have published more than 500 different lamp measurement reports on the website. We have so many measurement report now that old overview was way to long to scroll through. So we needed a beter way to view and search the measurement reports. Time for a new lamp measurements overview.

New Framework

The last months we have worked behind the screens to build a complete new structure to generate clear overviews. The new overviews offer filter options, tab structure, sorting per column, context information and statistics. The overviews are automatically generated from our database. A smart caching mechanism ensures fast delivery of the overviews to the user. The structure is build using the Drupal framework. Drupal is open-source and a very powerfull PHP framework.

The New Lamp Measurements Overview

The lamp measurements overview is the first overview what is transfered to our new framework which is now used to generate overviews on OliNo.

The goal of the new lamp measurements overview is to improve access to the measurement reports for our visitors. The old overview was way too long and all measurements results were on one page. You had to scroll through all of them to find the right lamp measurement report. The new overview has the following features which make it easier for our visitors to find information:

  • Easy access to the last measurement reports
  • Tab structure to choose the right fitting type
  • Sort on all measurement values
  • Direct access to background information about our measurements
  • Pagers to prevent long pages
  • Statistics (counts)
  • Fast loading of the page due to e.g caching

Last Updates

The date in the top of the overview shows the date of last added measurement report. Below this date you have easy access to the last 3 measurement reports. These new measurement reports can also be found in the full overview below.

Easy acces to the last 3 measurement reports

Fitting Type

The lamp measurements are grouped per fitting type. This makes sense because when you searching for a energy efficient alternative you already known the required fitting type. There are already many fitting types available for incandesent and LED-lamps. Large fittings (E27), smaller fittings (E14), spot lights (GU10, MR16, MR11), FL-tube, 230V/110V connectors and other. Each fitting type has its own tab in the overview. Switch to another fitting type by clicking on the tab.


The lamp measurement overview is standard sorted on efficacy (Lumen/Watt). The most efficient lamps for the current fitting type are on top.You can easily sort another column by clicking on the label in the table header. Clicking twice changes to order. Sorting is personal and has no influence for other visitors on the website.

Easy filtering and sorting of the results
Easy filtering and sorting of the results

Background information of the measurements

All information related to lamps and lamp measurements can be accessed directly from the information block to the right in the overview screen. Here you can easily find information about the lamp measurement parameters, how to get your own lamp measured and explantion about the measurements itself.

Easy access to background information related to the measurements


To ensure that pages do not grow to long, which requires a lot of scrolling, pagers are used. These pages, like used with the google search results, cut large lists in multiple pages. You can navigate by clicking on small navigation arrows left and right. Each fitting type has its own pager. If a fitting type has more measurement results more pages are available via the pager.

Navigate through the pages using a pager


For the moment we only show a count of measurement reports available per fitting type. In the future we want to expand this further. Tips and suggestions are always welcome.

Fast Loadtime

The overview are generated from our lamp measurements database. When many visitors access this information at the same time this can impact the performance of our webserver. Therefore we use a smart caching mechanism which ensures fast loading of the overview. This is no overkill with more than 3000 visitors daily visiting our website. This number is growing fast. For the techies: we use static HTML/Ajax generation / caching / CSS and javascript compression.

Try It Yourself

Take a look at our new lamp measements overview.


We are always open to suggestions for improving the OliNo website. If you have any tips how to improve this overview or the site further, let us know by submitting your suggestions in a comment below this page.

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