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Success with Compact Fluorescent Lamp bulbs

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in CFL Light Bulbs, Energy saving
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When applying any type of lighting it is important that the lamps used will give a warm light for a good atmosphere in the house. This is especially true when using Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs because they are known for their cold light. You can solve this by selecting the right luminaries…

Gezellig licht uit spaarspotjes

Unlike Marcel, see his images in the (Dutch) article Experience with CFL light spot lights , I have had success using CFL light bulbs. What is the difference? Selecting the right luminaries.

Cold light

It is a well known fact that most CFL light bulbs produce a cold light. Not good for the atmosphere in the living room. Therefore it is important to select a luminaries which provides a warm light when using a CFL light bulb. It is all up to the luminaries so to say…

CFL Light Spots

When applying CFL light spots it is important that the luminaries provide warm light.


A CFL light spot of only 7 Watt.

In my case the warm light is produced by the yellow colored caps placed around the CFL light spots. This causes the cold light of the spot to be mixed with a very warm yellow color causing the room to light up warm yellow. The mix of the two create a nice atmosphere in the room.


A luminaries with three CFL light spots

Colored lamps

By applying colored transparent lamps you get a similar effect.


Another warm lamp with a CFL light bulb inside

The cold light of the CFL light bulb is now filtered by the color of the transparent lamp. Using this method you can pick any color. In my case I have chosen for a warm yellow light.


A warm yellow light

It has been difficult to make good pictures of the lights. In reality the lights give a better warm atmosphere than what can been seen on these photos. This is caused by the saturation of my digital camera when make pictures of bright lamps.

Big saving

Applying these CFL light bulbs resulted in a big reduction of my power consumption. Read more about this in the article Earning money with energy saving.

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  1. Jeanne Eisenhut Says:

    This shows an excellent example of how to overcome the “coldness” of the CFL lightbulb. Thanks for an excellent article.

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